Upgrading Ethereum

A technical handbook on Ethereum's move to proof of stake and beyond

Aka "The Eth2 Book"


The plan

My rough (aspirational) plan is as follows:

  1. Spend some time fixing typos and polishing the annotated spec.
  2. Deliver Edition 1.0: Altair at some point before The Merge (the point at which Ethereum moves to proof of stake). By then, I aim to have done the following:
  3. Some while after The Merge, I'll publish a fully revised Edition 2.0: The Merge with all sections complete.
  4. Editions 2.5 (with post-Merge clean-ups) and 3.0 (a full revision for sharding) are also in view.

This thing is going to keep me busy for a while 🙂

My old Phase 0 Annotated Spec remains available, but is superseded by this one.